Reading the blessing of some verses of the Holy Koran

A perfect reading of some of the verses of the Holy Quran, on the web for the first time with English translation audio simultaneous with the verses.

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We welcome you, our dear visitor, to the official site of Noble TV.
Our aim is to deliver the word of the Lord of the worlds to the world.
We hope to achieve this by broadcasting recitations of the Noble Quran along with the translations in seven of the most widespread languages globally; English, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, German, French, and Chinese.
Noble TV distinguishes itself by choosing the most reliable translations of the Noble Quran and then having them revised by specialised scientific committees.

Noble TV: Translations of the Holy Quran for the world

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Introducing the words of Allah and achieving His purposes in guiding people and their mercy and happiness in this world and the Hereafter

• Cooperation on righteousness and piety is a legitimate duty and a human need to extend bridges of communication between Muslims and others.

• Authenticity of the Islamic discourse through contemporary tools such as the Internet and social media through audio and video products.

• The quality and perfection of the site, the right contents need attractive and professional media to touch the people hearts.

• The call to God with wisdom and good exhortation using His holy word.

• Raising the knowledge of Islam through short clips of one or few Quran verses with easy and simple explanations.

• Ensuring the unity of the nation and keeping distant from causes of division and sedition.

• Non-publicity of persons, bodies, governments, parties or groups.

• Avoiding any content that contravenes Islamic law, its origins and its ethics.